Course Description

This FREE Student Success Guide is your step-by-step program to boost your academic performance. The program will walk you through each step and show you why perfectionism hurts us and how multitasking is useless. You'll also learn how common the imposter syndrome is (hint, we all have self-doubt), and how to take good lecture notes. I'll explain why you have to stop doing all the readings and never, ever pull all-nighters. Whew! That's a lot. But in the end, you'll learn how to handle school so life doesn't feel so overwhelming at times. Check out the curriculum below and let's start this journey together!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Professor Maja’s Welcome Message

    • A message from the instructor
  • 2

    School Life

    • Stop taking a full course load!
    • Buying Textbooks
    • Plan Your Week
    • No Choice Days
    • Arriving late to class
    • How to take lecture notes
    • How to ask a question in class
    • Know when assignments are due
    • University Course Website
    • The Library- Yes!!
    • Deep Work and Time Blocking
    • How to study
    • Who Reads all the Readings - Not Me!
    • Where do you study?
    • How to deal with Procrastination
    • Avoid all Nighters
    • How to write exams
    • Office Hours - Should I?
    • Befriend a Professor
    • Emailing your Professors
    • Teacher Assisatants
    • Multitasking is Bad
    • Multitasking is really Bad
    • Multitasking in the Classroom
    • Multitasking and Clowns
    • Multitasking Tips
    • What Productive People Do
    • What Productive People Do Part 2
    • Your brain is not a garbage disposal
    • Mature students rock!
    • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else
    • Drop a course every semester
    • Failing a course or program